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The Sick Dog

The Sick Dog is a Short film staring Cookie & Lilah Sykes, where they both go out on an adventure on their own, as they slip out of their collars and out of there garden, they soon make their way to there favourite Forrest, where Cookie suddenly falls over, Lilah gets worried, and starts sniffing her and laying with her, until someone finds them, and Lilah, whines.


They then call a “vet ambulance” where they manage to get her to the vets and checked out to see what happened, all whilst Lilah is incredibly worried.



Starring – Cookie Sykes, Lilah Sykes


Director – Thomas Ewan Sykes, Daniel Back


Network – Pythona Studios, On Demand Network


Productions Companies –  Pythona Studios (Production Company, Funding, Copyright Holder, Animal Handling)

Pythona Productions (Production Company)

Sykes.Dog Media & Cookie Sykes Entertainment (Production Assistance, Dog and Animal Handling)

dytukMedia (Marketing, Production)

On Demand Network (Distrobution)


Audio – English


Original Release Date – Unknown


Production Dates – Unkown


Genres – Adventure, Documentary


Picture format: UHDTV 4K


Duration – Unknown